Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A heart emptied in a beat
Struggles for a tiny grain
Of hope, golden, amidst the sand
Consumed by a desire
To fly against the vultures
Challenging the cold blue sky
Feathered liars, die!

This weight is thick where summers spoke
Of things without; of things we don't
And ears plead to hear a ballad
A song, a sigh, a mellow cry
To make this mind remember
The gravity that took our boats
Back to the harbor, back to the breeze
Where winters die, where shadows scry
Freeze these hands to clasp forever
In a poem that we wrote together
Or was it just I?

These promises pound the wretched heart
Battling the sanity of the mind
We are left with just naked faith
To doom our souls, to seal our fate
And in my belief, the bargain looms
Should I or should I not?

Waiting in pain, crushed in vain
No blood remains to purple my veins
Yet this abomination, pale and dead
Retains the animation, stale but wed
To the words (or curse) you spoke
Where summers meet in gravel bed
In poison ivy juice is soaked
And crumbles the lips it meets
Like the pages of this song
To you and I belong
Whereas you and I does not coexist
For all the eyes resist
Such sight, such spite

My veins bleed of blood I do not have
And mind insane of sanity that I will never have
And the heart, crumbling to dust
Victim to your grand design

The next time, crush me
Never love me and deny me
The next time however
Does not exist

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Twitter Trending Topics

Don’t you find it so seriously dumb and reason-defyingly stupid to TWEET that a Trending Topic is Trending?
Someone reads that ‘CHEESEBALLS’ or ‘BADBREATH’ is trending.
Now his/her first reaction is to tweet ‘Hey Cheeseballs is trending!’.
This makes no difference to me saying that ‘LOOK! My Cat! My cat is…oh.. it’s a CAT!’. It screeeeaams for logical thinking c’mon! We are not that witless and illiterate not to know.
My point is, if people keep tweeting a plain ‘Chicken Droppings is trending! Yay!’, all you’ll find on top of the search stack is the same simpleminded message.
Twitter is useful because of information dissemination. When something’s trending, there’s gotta be something NEW and REFRESHING and RELEVANT about it. There’s a news behind it. We respond by looking at the search stack wondering ‘Why is Piglet trending? did he/she won some sort of Grammy’s or what?’. 
We expect the real intelligence-poking information behind it. We want to know that JustinBeiber admitted to be a midget lesbian (oh c’mon for example’s sake) instead of knowing that JustinBeiber is trending. You get what I mean.
I wouldn’t be surprised if IndexCards or BonelessBangus goes trending just because people keep tweeting that it’s trending. Boo. Insufferable unintelligent beings. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

My thoughts on photography, DSLR's, and elitists...

I have read this status message from one of my contacts here on Facebook. Now I've gathered my thoughts and courage to post something about my views on photography and DLSR's nowadays.

Wag mong sisihin ang CAMERA mo kung pangit ang kuha ng lente nito,sisihin mo sarili mo kasi di ka marunong na PHOTOGRAPHER

Not entirely correct. The camera and the handler's photographic skills should meet halfway.

A bad photographer can make decent shots with the proper equipment. A good photographer will not always make viable results using retarded cameras.

Both the skill and hardware are limiting factors in producing high-quality photography. Saying that good photographers will always make stunning shots regardless the camera is arrogant. And saying that excellently-crafted camera devices and lenses will always produce ugly shots is an insult to the manufacturer's end. The nude capability of many high-end lenses can make professional-looking results even on preset automatic settings. Yes, beautiful shots from garbage lenses can be produced by very great photographers but that doesn't mean that you're plainly a bad photographer if you can't capture anything good with those lenses. This is not deniable.

Unlike vintage cameras, ability in photography isn't black-&-white. There are gray areas where equipment and skill or, say perhaps, talent meet.

Also, it is alarming how some vain, self-labelled 'good' and 'professional' DSLR users want to monopolize the term 'photographer' just because they're better than other SLR-owners and attended more seminars or perhaps won a small photographic contest or maybe got a few bucks out of taking pictures. How arrogant. Photography is also for those who can afford a camera to feed their enthusiasm.

I just can't understand why other photographers breed contempt upon seeing new people bearing DSLR's (say for example, a simple enthusiast, a rich kid, or a house mom). Anyone can have SLR's if they have the money. SLR-ownership isn't sacred as if photography was a religion and the elitist photographers are the gods.

Truth is i have shy-ed from labelling myself as a photojournalist ever since these elitists came across Facebook and ridiculed beginner photographers. The only thing I have is a point-and-shoot camera, three years of experience (two of which on Pacesetter, BulSU’s official publication), and basic photographic knowledge. If they want to keep the term 'photographer' for themselves, then let it be. I am fine with that. But to deprive young would-be photo artists from the label 'photographer' or say that they shouldn't have cameras at all is just insolent and self-indulgent.

Carrying a DSLR or being a 'photographer' isn't a birthright that you claim for your own. It's something readily available for those willing to invest and learn.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to post them against or for this note.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was checking my stuff from my office inbox and saw this poem. I was very bored and broken when I wrote this. Hahahah. Anyway, it's just another poetry about my unfortunate romance with, I guess, bits of cheese. Nothing of significance to other people out there. But I know I appreciate it when people read what I write and post their comments about it. :D Woah. I'm actually blogging right now. 

here you go...


You make me believe in fairy tales
When you smile before my eyes
My senses crumble and heartbeat fails
You lift me high into the skies

It's a love song, a cry, a cliche
As fingers piano my keys
Compose poetry, such sweet decay
I am falling on my knees

Lips burn when you touch them
Into scars that never heal
And bruises that i'd gladly wear
Whenever you leave this place

I'll always see that familiar white dove
Carrying the breath that denied me
But I'll always remember the clouds above
Not the in-your-face despair that plagued me

These nightmares I will leave
I'll find you in my dreams
I'll take you by the hand
These oceans I will cross
You will see me when dawn breaks
I give to you my life
When the first wave touches my shore
I'll inherit your disease
I will live beneath the burning sun
I'll die by your disease

In your name I swear my sword
The only sword I brandish
You'll not believe, they have guns!
This war was fought and lost
And yet you linger far from me
And my ghosts don't find rest
I will guard you in your tread
In dusty memories I have fed

The skies shall seek no master
They hail you, so do I
Break the billows, sink the stars
Breach the secrets of your wars

I may not know your love again
But you must know I love you so
Forever, for now I say
Together is my wish
You against my chest
And my head against your shoulders

I have said words I should have not
You'll blame me when you bleed
But darling I've no intentions
To put you into unease

I love you
Beyond the depth and the illegible seas
I'll embrace you; I'd die by your disease
When your tears fall I'll catch them all
Oh darling, I'll catch you when you fall

It's a love song, a cry, a cliche
Give me that last chance

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things that stay on the heart, not on the world...

Many beautiful things don't last long.

Think of that blast of fireworks that painted the black canvass above the city skyline. 
Think of the wishing stars that crossed your eyes when you start to count them and forget to blow your wish. 
Think of the red rosebud bursting into perfect bloom though her thorns turn you away. 
Think of the innocent blueberry crushed on your lips as you savor a slice of cheesecake. 
Think of the designer ice cream that melted forever into the void of your craving mouth.
Think of the cold breeze of air that splashes into your tired skin when you're almost dying below the mighty sun.

Now let's stray far from what pleases the senses alone. 

Think of how you hear your lover's breath when you held each other.
Think of the wish you would have made when the shooting stars dashed over the black heaven.
Think of the songs you sang together when they played on the shuffled playlist of the iPod.
Think of how you held your hands when you watched that flick a weekend after a tiring week.
Think of the smile that graced your eyes after you kissed.
Think of the Medusa gaze fixated on your Greek eyes when your paths crossed. 
Think of the cheap donuts you've had for snacks and still enjoyed--- no difference to how you felt when you dated on an expensive coffee shop.

Know this.
Every little moment will escape our senses.
It fleets as time must fleet.
Now when would you say a day was too long? Or an hour was too long? Or a minute? or second?

The heart remembers more than does the mind.

Why can't we fancy every moment we're in-love and just forget when it ends?
I suppose the fragments of these passionately beautiful things stay somewhere in the heart.
And our hearts are nowhere in this volatile world.
I promise you, no man will find it by the eye, nor by the ear, nor by the touch of the hand.

Our hearts are only where we want it to be AND that's where they're supposed to be.


These thoughts came screaming on my mind. I thought I could compose a blog post about them and try to immortalize them at least.

Tell me what you think, guys. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reaching out for some WiFi in BulSU

BulSU students! 

Can't miss logging into your Facebook?
If you have a laptop, psp, or a cellphone capable of logging into the net, then consider the 'resort' area (around the Chess Institute) as your hangout 'cause Bulacan State University now has free public WiFi access.The place is actually intended to be a lounge for students who need to do some research with their portable devices but for sure Facebook-addicts would love it more.

The connection speeds would be from decent to neat (actual WiFi performance would depend on the number of simultaneous users, of course!). We've tried connecting to 'default' and found no problem. The speed was ok, we could even play and chat on Facebook and download a few stuff.

If you're unlucky that the 'resort' gets a little clouded for your taste by surfers and by-standers, you might as well find another spot around the University. The Studying Area isn't just the place with WiFi. Almost every office in BulSU is switching to wireless. If you're lucky enough, you'll find one without a password. If it does have one, it's ok to make a guess (hahaha).

I've found several access points near the CICT/nursing building and the activity center (found seven!), BulSU Gymnasium, Federizo Hall (near CAL area!). Sadly, it's not always that the connection established is strong.

Have fun surfing in BulSU! :)

I miss blogging...

It was 2003 when I first launched a blog. Sadly, I've already deleted every trace of it since it annoyed me. LoL

Now I think I wanna start blogging again with 'The Chakigun Manufactory'.
Dunno if people would care to read 'cause this will be more about ME.