Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A heart emptied in a beat
Struggles for a tiny grain
Of hope, golden, amidst the sand
Consumed by a desire
To fly against the vultures
Challenging the cold blue sky
Feathered liars, die!

This weight is thick where summers spoke
Of things without; of things we don't
And ears plead to hear a ballad
A song, a sigh, a mellow cry
To make this mind remember
The gravity that took our boats
Back to the harbor, back to the breeze
Where winters die, where shadows scry
Freeze these hands to clasp forever
In a poem that we wrote together
Or was it just I?

These promises pound the wretched heart
Battling the sanity of the mind
We are left with just naked faith
To doom our souls, to seal our fate
And in my belief, the bargain looms
Should I or should I not?

Waiting in pain, crushed in vain
No blood remains to purple my veins
Yet this abomination, pale and dead
Retains the animation, stale but wed
To the words (or curse) you spoke
Where summers meet in gravel bed
In poison ivy juice is soaked
And crumbles the lips it meets
Like the pages of this song
To you and I belong
Whereas you and I does not coexist
For all the eyes resist
Such sight, such spite

My veins bleed of blood I do not have
And mind insane of sanity that I will never have
And the heart, crumbling to dust
Victim to your grand design

The next time, crush me
Never love me and deny me
The next time however
Does not exist

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